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Concept Brewing

PASTISH 500ml Alc./Vol. 40%

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'Pastish' is our take on Pastis; an anise flavoured aperitif historically significant in France.

We've used cane sugar, molasses and a specialty yeast to create a naturally sweet ferment that retains a full and sweet mouthfeel after triple distillation.

Botanicals include traditional ingredients (such as liquorice root and anise) and Kiwi-ana (horopito and kawa kawa). 

...and while our Pastish does not cloud with added water like its commercial counterpart, the flavour and sweetness achieved will not disappoint--- naturally achieved and with less than half the added sugar.

Pastish: an NZ Craft Pastis with a full and sweet mouth-feel from sip to finish. Its flavourful but balanced with multidimensional blasts of black liquorice flavours that ride through to the exhale; refreshing and crisp with a delicate, un-syrupy sweetness.

We've taken great care to stay authentic in our craft of this delightful French delicacy---the resulting Pastish a truly special drop and homage to our whanau from France.